JavaScript The Right Way (online resource)

I just came across this earlier today on Reddit. Its a single-page resource with a bunch of different sections that have information about or resources for JavaScript. The top of the page makes this disclaimer:

Hey, you!
This is a guide intended to introduce new developers to JavaScript and help experienced developers learn more about its best practices.

Despite the name, this guide doesn’t necessarily mean “the only way” to do JavaScript.

We just gather all the articles, tips, and tricks from top developers and put it here. Since it comes from exceptional folks, we could say that it is “the right way”, or the best way to do so.

The main sections include the following, but most have multiple subsections:

  • Getting Started
  • JavaScript Code Style
  • The Good Parts
  • Must See
  • Patterns
  • Testing Tools
  • Frameworks
  • Game Engines
  • News
  • Reading
  • Podcasts
  • Screencasts
  • PaaS Providers
  • Helpers

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